Advantages Of Using A Secure Cloud Server

Written by Bruce McKnight on

More companies are moving toward cloud infrastructure every day. Cloud servers, virtual servers that run on cloud technology, which do not therefore depend on any outside software, offers many advantages over traditional data storage methods.

Cloud Server

In general, they are cheaper, faster, less prone to problems and are more secure. A recent study even showed that companies (small companies in particular) who switch to cloud technology have a higher revenue. Another study showed that small businesses are losing profit as a result of ineffective IT management, which could be directly improved with the use of cloud technology such as cloud servers.

Below, we take a look at the eight top advantages of using a secure cloud server:

  1. Cost Effective Traditional servers require hardware upgrades every three to five years. However, cloud servers completely eliminated this expense, along with other costs associated with general maintenance. Similarly, the cost of setting up the actual server is also much more affordable and less time-consuming than standard methods.
  2. Enhanced Security Cloud servers are not prone to the same types of problems that traditional servers are. Problems like dead power supplies and failed hard drives, for example, are completely eliminated. This also includes the risk of severe theft.
  3. Guaranteed Stability Since cloud server’s resources are dedicated, this means other users cannot overload your server.
  4. Highly Automated Businesses do not have to establish a team to take care of system updates. Instead, employee time can be allocated elsewhere.
  5. Free, Easy and 24/7 Access to Data for Employees Cloud technology means that employees can have access to data 24/7 from any location and on any device – for free, and with the same security they would have if accessing this data in-office. This has potentially far-reaching effects as it means that businesses have the potential to become mobile.
  6. Increased Speed The additional resources offered by cloud servers means that the server is able to perform similar tasks at a highly elevated speed.
  7. Permits Modifications to Server Software Unlike traditional servers, modifications can be made to the cloud server software, such as the operating system kernel.
  8. Easy to Upgrade (Flexible Expansion) Cloud servers permit both easy and fast upgrades (for example, disk space) at a more affordable price than traditional servers. This makes expansion flexible, easily accommodating the growth of your company.

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