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Veeam is the leader in backup solutions delivering Cloud Data Management, serving over 340,000 organizations across the globe. Founded in 2006, Veeam quickly grew to become an industry leader in data-center backup and recovery. But, as the importance of data has grown to drive every aspect of the digital business, so has the need for solutions that can do far more than ensure its Availability. There is a new expectation for data in today’s enterprise. Data must move to a higher state of intelligence and be able to anticipate need and meet demand. Data must move securely across multi-cloud infrastructures. Data must meet the expectations of the mobile, Always-On™ world. Ensuring instant and reliable Data Availability requires an evolution in how it is managed from policy-driven to behavior-driven, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable data to back up autonomously, migrate to the right location based on the business need and to secure itself during anomalous activity. With our strong partner ecosystem and breadth of integration, Veeam has the most complete software platform to meet today’s new expectations for data.

Veeam Availability Platform automates the provisioning and management of the massive and constant flow of data running across on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructures, both today and tomorrow. Organizations that run on Veeam Availability Platform gain multi-fold improvements in efficiencies and far greater agility to respond to business needs and deliver new digital services. Veeam solutions receive the highest customer-satisfaction scores in the industry, 3.5x the industry average, for their simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. “It just works,” as hundreds of thousands of customers have said.​​

Industry Leadership

Leader: Gartner MQ
#4 global market share by Gartner and IDC
#1 market share in Europe
340,000+ customers
60,000+ partners
22,000+ service providers
#1 for AWS
#1 for Azure
#1 Cloud Data Management
100+ industry awards

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